A Heavy Duty commercial quality deadbolt that provides a maximum deterrent to foreced entry. The cylinder recesses into the door to resit blows attempting to move the lock

  • 2-1/2'' dia soild steel one-piece design security ring inser. Exceeds ANSI Grade 1 secrity against hammer and crowbar prying attacks
  • 1'' deadbolt with hardened steel core exceeds Grade 1 Security against kick-in and saw attacks.
  • High precision pick resistant solid brass 6pin tumbler plug "c". Brass key meets ANSI Grad 1 Security to prevent key cylinder from being knocked out.
  • Drive in deadbolt - Designed to be installed on metal door conveniently. Only one hole is needed on door edge.
  • ADA Ergonmic thumb Turn
  • Extra thick steel mounting plate
  • Sturdy, all steel latch case and mechanism


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Grade 1 Heavy-Duty Deadbolt Thumb Turn


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